Some people just don’t care

I went to the shop to get some stuff for breakfast, outside the shop there was a small dog I think it was a Maltese . I was in the queue when some lady asked the staff member ‘’how long is this dog been sitting here’’ and the staff member said over an hour now.
The lady and I looked at each other shocked.

The dog was aggressive didn’t want to be touched by anyone, however she managed to take down the number form his tag.

She rang the number but it was not working. Everybody thought the dog was just left there alone. That no one wanted him.

I then took a picture of the dog and decided to put it on Facebook and told everybody to share it, but as always people don’t really care about post like this because it’s not their dog. At least there was two kind people  that shared the post to which I’m really grateful.

When I came back from a walk with Gina about an hour later, I have seen that this dog is still sitting outside the shop.

I decided to go up to him one more time, but he didn’t let me touch him, he was too scared.

I asked the staff in the shop if they can ring anyone, any dog shelters or something similar. But the only answer that I got from them ‘’Oh it’s not my problem, I would kick him in the ass and he’d be gone’’ When I heard that everything in my body started boiling I was so mad thinking how people are so selfish and not caring about other living creatures. Then I replied what would you do if there was a kid sitting there instead of a dog. Obviously the reply was different.

I hate when some people think that kids are better than dogs, I don’t think that, I’m not a kid person. And I don’t think they should be treated differently.

To some other people a dog mean a world to them, a dog is their furry kid. In my personal opinion dogs are better than kids, they will never leave you, scream at you, take your money. All they want is your love that’s all. Did you ever seen a kid that said to their parent I don’t want any money from you I just want your love? No? Me neither.

I decided to ring dogs trust, DSPCA but of course all of them were closed. No help from them. Then I rang Dog’s Aid at least someone picked up, but they only said to bring the dog to the vet to get scanned. I thought I would love to do that but I can’t as the dog can’t be touched. And even if I brought him home Gina wouldn’t like him.

So I kept calling different dog shelters but all of them were closed.

But suddenly a woman came to the shop and the dog went crazy as in crazy happy, and the lady was the owner. So happily a doggie found his owner and he’s all safe and sound. I don’t know what she said as I had to go home, but she looked happy too.

Another happily saved dog. Some people should learn from dogs to be more caring and loving towards other living creatures around them not just themselves.

Love Gina  

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