Pet friendly hotels in Ireland

In today’s blog I’m going to talk about hotels that allow pets in when you’re going on a

I know that there is a lot more hotels that take in animals, but what they are not telling us on their website what kind of animals we are allowed to bring with us. However, some hotels want you to contact them before you arrive with your pet and then you can ask if the pet that you have is allowed in that hotel, but what if they say no?

It’s understandable that all hotels will take in cats, as they are small and there’s not much trouble with them. They don’t need to be taken out for walks to pee and poop as they have transportable toilet with them at all times. So cats don’t really care if they are taken out side or not.
However, dogs
Most of hotels take in only small pets for example one hotel in Wexford is pet friendly, BUT the pet has to weigh less than 9kg or be shorter than 40cm. Not very good for a 30kg German shepherd though.

I did my research recently on hotels in Ireland that are pet friendly. And I’m surprised that there are more of them now than before. Some of the hotels even have spa grooming treatments for dogs. Most of the hotels that allow pets have a lot of land or there are a lot of places to see and hike with your pet.
And if the weather is not nice the hotels also have indoor play area for dogs, which is great for pg_c_106your pet to socialize.

In nearly all hotels you have to bring your dog’s bed, food and bowls and pets are not allowed on furniture or beds. That’s not very ideal for cats as they want to walk on everything and sleep in the strangest places.

However, I’m just wondering what if you have a restricted breed dog, like Gina she a German shepherd and I have never seen any hotel allowing big dogs like Gina. But I will find out soon as Chris, Gina and I will be going on a holiday in August and we want to travel around the country, but first of all we need a pet friendly hotel.

So I will let you know how we got on soon.

I will post few hotels that I have found online, this might be handy for someone going on a holiday soon.

Tell me what experience did you had with pet friendly hotels!

Love Gina

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