Irresponsible owners

I got so angry today while walking Gina. I went for our usual small walk around the house before the bed. The weather was nice and warm. Gina was enjoying herself smelling everything.

Then suddenly two small dogs ran up to us, barking at me and Gina, trying to smell her so much that Gina got annoying and started defending herself as they were really annoying little things. I had to put the muzzle on her just in case she would snap them.

Because if she did, it would be my entire fault not theirs just because she’s a German shepherd.
No one would say that the other two dogs were running all alone on the road and to everybody, pooping everywhere. I even walked into one poop myself because there was no one with those dogs to clean after them.

Gina doesn’t like dogs like that, dogs that are really annoying and super hyper. She has only two dogs that she likes which are neutral, they’re not annoying or excited and that’s why Gina likes them.

I don’t get how people can be so lazy to just let your dog’s run around alone and to everyone, if you’re that lazy just don’t get a dog then, if you can’t take proper care of them.

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