Gina is feeling sick

Hey guys sorry I haven’t posted any blogs in a very long time. I was busy with my driving lessons that I still have loads to do, annoying. Then preparation for my cousins wedding and loads of more stuff…

So Gina wasn’t feeling well for the past few days. She was feeling sick and had runny diarrhoea. It all happened when she took out something from the bin. Chris and I went to the shop when we came back the brown bin was on the ground open with all the rubbish all around, of course Gina was guilty. I didn’t know if she ate something or not.

Then the next day Gina met Chris’s dad and we all went for a walk to Dublin Mountains for a day. It was fun and extremely warm.

When we came back home I gave her some food as she didn’t eat anything all day. We went for a small walk after that so she can get familiar with the area and all. She was all happy and well then.

We came back home Chris and I had dinner, then we went toIMG_4847 the park with Gina she didn’t want to run at all and was feeling dull, and then she began pooping and a very liquidy diarrhoea started coming out. Then I decided to not give her any food for the day, because food would make her even worse. I could hear her belly going crazy with all different kind of noises and even Gina didn’t know what is happening.  My poor baby.

However, today Gina got a small breakfast. Turkey and lamp can mixed with dry nuts. So far she’s feeling good, no diarrhoea, she’s full of energy and most important she’s drinking a lot of water all the time keeping her self-hydrated. So I’m hoping that my baby girl will get better today.

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