What is like being a vet nurse student

In today’s blog I’m going to talk about myself a little bit, the girl that is behind the Facebook page and all those blogs and posts.

So let’s begin.

My name is Paula and I’m a veterinary nurse student in Cork Ireland. I recently finished my first year of college with excellent results and can’t wait to start second year in September.

Being a veterinary nurse student is extremely hard. The pressure and stress that the college put me through was extremely high. However, it all was worth it at the end. I met a lot of amazing people throughout that year and I hope I’ll see them in September.

Despite all the college work that I had to do on a daily basis, I still had to attend my work placement, which was hard at the beginning because I didn’t know anything about being a vet nurse. This was putting me under even more stress as I was worried about my college work but had to focus on work too.

However, with time I got to know the people that I was working with and eventually we got on well at the end. I have learned a lot from my work placement, it’s crazy how much you can learn just in a year. And also I will be seeing them again in September.

Being a vet nurse is a really hard job. Working long hours with a minimum pay, but most of vet nurses don’t do that for money, we all want to help animals. Seeing a sick dog coming into the clinic is a terrible thing for the owner and it’s really sad, but you do everything in your power to help this animal to make his life as pain free and comfortable as possible, and that’s what is the best in this job you can watch happiness. When the dog meets the owner after a long surgery, words can’t explain that feeling.  It’s just amazing.

I was working a long hours, I was scratched, peed on, pooped on and I was covered in hair looking like a grizzly bear, but despite all those nasty things, I love my job and I don’t think I’ll change my mind on that one.

I began writing blogs because since I have a little bit of knowledge about animals and their health, nutrition and everything. I thought I could write about this, about Gina and her problems and also I could help other people understand and take care of their own pets.

Since I already had the Facebook page and Gina & Friends website, I thought I could share my thoughts and information with people of Facebook and all the furry creatures that are walking on the earth. The Facebook page and website was designed by my amazing boyfriend Chris.  Without him all this wouldn’t exist, and I wouldn’t be here talking to all of you out there, because Chris convinced me to apply to college and move to Cork, so thanks to him I will do my dream job in just a year time.

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