How to keep your pets safe during Halloween time

lc01928tHalloween is the worst time for your pets. For a dog and a cat. They often get so scared that they just runaway from the house and sometimes never return. During that time you have to keep your pets safe at all times with these 7 easy ways you can do so.

  1.  Nice and long walks

In the morning of Halloween day bring your dogs for a long walks before all the fireworks will began. Try to do the same thing with a cat on your bag garden.

  1. Calming sprays and tablets

Remedy de-stressing and calming spray can be bought at any vet clinic and pet shop. It will calm your dog/cat and make it less stressed during the firework time.

  1. Keep your dogs indoor

When the fireworks begin never take your dog out for any walks as he might get scared and run away from you. This time is very stressful for our pets, so keep them indoor nice and cosy.

  1. Close all windows and doors

Keep all the doors and windows closed to minimise the firework noise and reduce the stress in your pets. Especially if you have cats at home. People can be cruel and throw them into bonfires just for fun. IT’S NOT FUNNY.

  1. Make sure your pets are microchipped and have collars on

All your pets should be microchipped that’s the law in Ireland. Make sure your pets are microchipped and are wearing collars during Halloween just in case they manage to escape the house or someone leaves the doors open. That way you can find your pet easier.

  1. Try to keep your pets busy during Halloween

By keeping your pets entertained you are reducing their stress as they are not concentrating on the noise. You can play with them use their favourite toys or try teaching them new tricks using treats.

7. Keep your pets away from the sweets

The last thing is to keep your pets away from all the sweets that your kids bring home especially chocolate. Chocolate is very toxic to dogs in large quantities. If you want to read about toxic food check out my blog Poisonous food .halloween_dog

So hopefully with those 6 easy ways you can keep your pet safe and sound during Halloween time.


Love Gina

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