Kong Toys for our furry friends

Kong toys are really good for our furry friends. Not only they keep their teeth clean but also it keeps your doggie entertained for a while as he needs to figure out how to get the treats out of the Kong toy. They need to think and they do 20_kong_with_biscuitsbecause dogs are extremely smart animals.

Kong toy is very safe for dogs to play with. They come in different colours such as red, black, green, blue, but also it comes in different shapes and sizes, for all the doggies that are out there.

You can have a Kong toy which can be stuffed with dog treats or food. Other types of Kong toys have no holes but teeth where you can place the food, which is harder for dogs to take it out.

There’re also small Kong toys for puppies why they are teething, which helps to keep them occupied and to prevent the puppy to bite everything in the house. I think we all had that when all our dogs were small.


The toy that Gina has is a rubber dental ball which I think is still qualified as a Kong toy, and it has a mint smell


So here I have a video that I made today of Gina eating and playing with the rubber dental ball.  She didn’t want to play with it at the beginning, but towards the end she was interested with it.

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