A day of Gina’s life

People that don’t have dogs or those that don’t like animals would think that dogs have really boring life and the only thing they do is sleeping, eating and pooping. However, dogs have really interesting life they are really curious animals wanting your attention and love.

Gina is a German shepherd and she is the most curious dog in the world, wanting to find and know everything.
I will tell you what Gina’s day looks like.

She wakes up around 7 am every morning, she then goes to every single room and waked everybody with a slobby kisses and licks on our faces. Then I get up and let Gina outside to the back garden so she can do her business in the back. When she’s done we’re going back to the bed until 9 am.

At 9am I usually make breakfast for myself and Gina. Then I get dressed and we go to the park for our morning jogs and walks.

We come back home Gina drinks a lot of water and eats her food, and I do the same thing, then she has her 1 hour sleep that was she do every day. During that time I do my work and clean the house.
Sometimes I go shopping with my mum or sister.

Our second walk is usually at around 12/1 pm we first of all go for a quick walk and then we go home to grab some tennis balls and go to a field where Gina can have some fun and exercise.

Gina has a very strong character and she’s really stubborn sometimes. So when we’re at the field I’m trying to train her to wait for me, to give me the ball back etc. she is getting a lot better now. She has her days like everybody when she just doesn’t want to listen.
When we come back home we usually play in the back garden.

The next walk or should I say jog/exercise is at 5pm just before Gina’s dinner and 6pm. We go to the park for 30minutes/1hour. Then someone in the house usually makes food for Gina, and when we come back she inhales the food.

Sometimes we have late evening walks as well if it’s not raining, and the bed time for Gina is usually at 9pm.
Gina’s life is full of love, play and a lot of sleep.;D

Below is Gina sleeping in her huge bed after an afternoon walk.


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