What to do with our furry friends when we are going on a holiday abroad?

What to do with our furry friends when we are going on a holiday abroad?images

It’s always hard to leave our furry friends behind when going on a holiday. They all have those puppy eyes that scream ‘’why are you leaving me here’’?

I know it’s horrible to look at that I had to go through that as well.

However now there are a lot of people that are taking dogs and cats to their own home to take care of them while you are on a holiday. They are called animal hotels or dog hotels. They are extremely helpful and they actually take care of your animal. I have personally gone to one while I was going on my holiday.
That place is called Holiday Canine Care and she is based in Ashbourne, Ireland. She took the best care of Gina.

However, if you don’t want to leave your doggie in someone’s home you can always try vet clinics that have boarding kennels. Your dog would be under a vet care. This choice is better for dogs and cats that have some medical issues and needs to be given medication regularly.

Before leaving your doggie in kennels you have to know that your dog needs to be vaccinated against kennel cough. This as its name shows its spread in kennels. Some kennels are poorly ventilated, overcrowded and are cold and damp.

Kennel cough is spread through air, so the dog is inhaling the virus and bacteria called Bordetella. It’s not fatal diseases, but dogs need to be treated immediately.

The symptoms of kennel cough are a persistent smoker’s cough. Some dogs may show other symptoms such as sneezing, eye discharge and runny nose.

If you think your dog may have kennel cough you have to isolate him from other dogs and bring him to the vet immediately.

How to treat and prevent kennel cough?

  • Give the dog a course of antibiotic to kill the bacteria
  • Keep him in well ventilated areas.
  • Kennel cough vaccinations are generally given to dogs once a year at the annual check-up, or three weeks before boarding.
  • This vaccination is different from others as it’s given intranasally meaning it’s given through nose.

So now you know what to do with your furry friends when you want to go for a holiday. Just remember to vaccinated them before to prevent them from necessary pain and discomfort.stockfresh_2283471_dog-sunbathing_sizeXS-300x200

Love Gina.

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