Poisonous food, plants and medicine that are toxic for out pets. Part 1

In today’s blog I’m going to talk about ten toxins toxic-foods-for-dogsthat can affect dogs and cats. These toxins are usually our day to day ingredients, medicine and house cleaning agents that we keep at home. Those items should always be hidden away from our lovely animals. To keep them healthy at all time.

So first of all what is poison?
A poison (toxin) is a substance which when enters the body in large amounts causes harmful effects on organs.

So here I listed 5 poisons that are really toxic to DOGS, so keep them away.

  1. Chocolate
    Chocolate is toxic to dogs, especially dark chocolate. Milk chocolate can be toxic to dog but if ingested in large amounts.
  2.  Grapes and raisins
    Those sweet and really tasty fruits can cause kidney damage in dogs. Not very pleasa
  3.   Xylitol
    Xylitol is a sweetener found in chewing gums, medications can cause fast drop in blood sugar and causing liver failure in dogs.
  4.  Rodenticide (rat poison)
    This powerful poison may cause internal bleeding of a dog even if ingested in small amounts. So be careful and place your rat poison away from dogs. They look like blue pellets.download (1)
  1.    Joint supplement
    We all know that dogs will eat anything that taste good of the ground, sweet tablets especially. Overdose of this supplement can only cause diarrhea, but in some cases it can causes liver failure.

Here I listed 5 poisons that are really toxic to CATS!

  1.    Lilies
    Lilies such as Easter, tiger and Asiatic are extremely poisonous causing kidney failure in cats.
  2. Household cleaners
    We all know that cats are exploring everything and can squeeze downloadinto a smallest hole. Most household cleaners are fairly safe to animals but those that are concentrated such as bleach can cause really bad chemical burns.
  3. Antifreeze
    This is very toxic to especially cats as they are attracted to it by the sweet taste. If ingested even in small amounts can cause liver and kidney failure.
  4. Cough and cold medications
    The medication that contains acetaminophen (pain reliever and a fever reducer) is really toxic to cats causing damage to red blood cells and liver failure.
  5. Antidepressants
    Very toxic to cats, it causes neurological and cardiac problems.

So now you know the top 10 poisons affecting dogs and cats, keep them away from our furry friends because as we know they are very curious animals wanting to know and especially taste everything.

Love Gina

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