Gina’s friend

So yesterday my (human) sister, (my furry sister) Gina and I went for a small walk around the neighbourhood at around 9pm. It was such a nice and warm day but we could smell rain in the air. I love that smell.

Is it just me, or anyone else loves it too? Tell me in the comments below, I want to know;)

While we were walking we met Gina’s friend a 13 years old black German shepherd named Max. He’s an absolute beauty. He was walking in the same direction as we did so we walked together. Gina wanted to play with him but Max was too old. ;( However, I could see in his eyes that he wanted to play so much.

We walked around a small field where Gina and Max were walking beside each other smelling each other. Max was extremely curious of Gina, and they even tangled their lead. So cute.

It as a funny story when they met the first time. Gina was a one year old when they met each other for the first time. She was really scared of him and was barking at him all the time, I think it was because Max is such a big dog and Gina was just scared.

However, with time she got used to him, she knows his smell and she’s not afraid of him anymore. I suppose she’s much older and wiser now as she turned 3 years old in June.

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures as I left my phone at home.

Love Gina

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