About Gina And Friends

Hi I’m Gina and I’m a German Shepherd I’m here to help my furry friends. My owners Paula and Chris will help me to write everything you need to know about animals and different types of nasty diseases. As Paula is a veterinary nurse student and she knows a little about animals, however Chris is a computer guy, without him this page wouldn’t exist.

We are here to help all our animal friends. We will be posting blogs on our Facebook page and this website daily or every week depending on how much material we have and we will talk about all different animals and other topics. We aim to help owners know more about their pets.

So Gina and Friends was created to help other people understand their animals more. We also want to send awareness about animal cruelty that is happening all around the world.
We’re not asking for much, we just want you to like our Facebook page and share our blogs so more people can see them and maybe learn something new from them.

In the future we want to help charities around Ireland by simply donating money from items that were bought on our website. We’ll post few charities which then you can choose to which one you want your money to go to.

So in the future I hope there will be more of us willing to help with me.

Love Gina

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