Hot Cars Kill!

imagesHot cars kill dogs.

That’s a pretty serious topic to talk about. I think some people don’t realise that their cars can go up to a crazy temperatures just in few minutes, and change into an over heated oven. For a dog that’s a nightmare.

Dogs can’t take their fur off just like humans do with clothes. Dogs are not able to sweat like humans, their only way to cool down is through breathing and when the air is hot they are unable to do that.

Recently there was a case of a dog that died from a heat stroke in a car. The owner left the dog in the car for few hours with no water no shade and all windows were closed, the owner himself went to some festival. I think people like that should never have any animals under their care.
In hot day like today it’s better to leave your dog at home. That way you might save your dog’s life.

If you’re going for a walk with your dog take a bottle of water and make sure there’s plenty of shade where you’re going. Never go with the dog into an open field without a shade.

Gina gets warm really quickly as she has a double coat. In a warm day we usually go for a quick walk and then play in the back garden where there’s an easy access to a shade and water. Sometimes, I put few ice cubes into Gina’s water bowl to help her cool down.

Remember if you’ll find a dog locked in a car in a hot weather, call 911 immediately.

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