Adventurous Day

I woke up this morning and didn’t know what we are going to do today. It’s Sunday and we didn’t want to stay in the bed all day as it was a really warm day.

We didn’t want to waste it.
We had breakfast, we watched some movies in the morning, then at around 11 am I got an idea and I was about to tell my mum.
Why don’t we walk to the Malahide Park? She said WHAT? It’s way too far.
I said come on mum. We will take Gina and have a little adventure time walking towards the park as we have never done that. It’s around 3 kilometers from the house to the park.

So finally she said yes. I took my sisters back pack and packed water and bowl, some treats, tennis balls and one big ball all for Gina, oh yeah and poop bag of course.
We began walking it took us only 30 minutes to walk to the park which wasn’t that bad. Gina loved it, smelling all the new smells all around the area.
When we got to the park I let Gina of the lead and she was so happy playing with the balls and we were running all around.
However, she was getting tired very easily as it was extremely warm today, so we stayed in the shaded area for most of the time.
After around 30 minutes we left the park and my mum decided that she wants to visit her friend that lives in the Malahide. I didn’t mind as it was on the way home. We had some tea and coffee and Gina got a lot of water.

When we got home Gina ran straight to her food bowl and ate everything, she was that hungry. My poor girl.
Gina loved the walk, after eating and drinking she just died, fell asleep for around good two hours.

Over all we did 10 kilometers of walking today, it wasn’t even that hard when you have the perfect company to do it with. I loved the walk, my mum and Gina did too. It was a really good day, well spend.

Hopefully if it’s going to be a nice weather tomorrow we could repeat that. It would be really nice as I’m staying in Dublin for another week. So we will have a lot of fun with Gina.
Oh yeah and Gina was also eating a watermelon today just like a human, it was really funny and tasty for her. ;D You can view the video on Gina on our Facebook Page.
Love Gina


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