So what happened today?

So today was a good and sad day at the same time.IMG_4670

I’ll start with the bad. So Chris had to leave to Cork today for a week for work, and I hate when he’s away from me;(.  But the good part was that I could stay with Gina for a week.

In the morning when Chris was still here,we went to the park, we took a ball and frisbee with us as they are Gina’s favourite toys.

When we arrived to the park it was all quiet, there was no cars no living soul walking around. It was magical. I was surprised that the grass was dry and it was so warm. I was just wearing my leggings and a t-shirt, but to be honest I was wearing wellies as I thought it’s going to be wet.

We played with Gina for around 30 or more minutes. We were running around throwing balls and then frisbee if Gina let us. As she always has to have one toy in her mouth.

During that time we took a lot of brakes and we were lying down on the grass looking at the sky. Then we stood up and went for a walk to the other field, where Gina was playing again.

Gina is that type of dog that’s overactive, she never knows when to finish, even when she’s out of breath and can’t walk. She would play.!IMG_4674

When it was time to go back to the car we walked slowly, and Gina was smelling the grass. When we got to the car I gave her some water as there was still some left in the bottle. When she finished drinking, she licked my face thanking me for giving me water. That was the cutest thing ever.

Through the whole journey home Gina was lying down and having a little power snooze.

When we got home, she ran straight to her water and food bowl as she was extremely hungry. When she drank and ate she went to sleep, that’s what she always does after the morning fun.

But then Chris packed and left and we stayed alone in the house. But not for long he will be back on Friday. We both can’t wait.

And now Gina is saying goodnight to all her furry friends out there. Waiting for tomorrow’s new adventures.

Love Gina

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