Clean up after your pets!!

When you take your dog for a walk, you should always take at least two poop bags with you. Just in case your dog decided to go to the toilet.

Always pick up the poop even if you are on a field and there’s no one around.poopless_no_words.81113829_std

Some dogs may have dog roundworms (Toxocariasis) because they have never been wormed before. So when your dog decides to poop the worms are coming out with the faeces.
The worms can be transferred onto human, especially children, due to poor hygiene.

If a kid accidentally touched the poop or contaminated sandbox and then its face the worms or the eggs can be transferred to their mouths. That way the worms can travel through mouth to the blood stream and to their little eyes, causing blindness and to other organs.

So to prevent the spread of worms and diseases pick your dog’s poop and keep the environment clean and safe for people.

And if you get caught leaving the poop on the ground you might get fined for up to €150 that’s a lot of money for a poop is in it.

So if you are a responsible dog owner,  you would have poop bags in every single pocket of your wardrobe. That’s what I did since I got Gina. I was finding poop bags in every pocket and even washing machine. It’s insane but true.

So clean up after you pet because if he could he would do it himself. !

Love Gina

pet cleanup.

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