Another awesome day

Since its very nice weather in Dublin this week, I decided to give my car a break and start walking with Gina. Instead of driving to the park playing with Gina for 30 minutes then back at home it’s not a nice way to spend time with your doggie is it? Gina then usually rests in the car on the way IMG_4858home and is all hyper again. It does not make sense at all.

So today we walked 30 minutes to the park play around 30/40 minutes and then we have to walk back come as well which takes us along time again, that way Gina is tired, satisfied and eats the whole bowl of food at once. A full belly means a happy doggie 😉

Then in the afternoon we walked to other field a bit closer to our house around 20 minutes. On the way there was a field with horses, I told my mum to bring some bread and feed them.
They ate the whole bread at once. My sister was a bit scared of them at first, but I assured her that they won’t do anything to her if she’s not going to scare them.

When we got home she drank some water and came up to my mum so she could scratch her. It started with the back and bum area, Gina was patiently standing enjoying the scratch. Then she turned around and wanted my mum to scratch her ears. Oh she loves her ears being scratched.
It looked like Gina was in a scratching service 😉

You can see that happen on two videos posted on our Facebook Page

Love Gina


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